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1999 IFBB Night of Champions

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1999 IFBB Night of Champions Competition Results

May 22, 1999 | New York, NY
Promoter: Wayne DeMilia

Paul Dillett (1st Place) came in tighter than expected. He showed good full muscle size and peaks. Although a little more tightness could have appeared in the obliques, he still managed a good tapered waist in between a full upper body and thick legs. Paul came in first place in the symmetry round (quarter-turns) and the muscularity round (mandatory poses).

Pavol Jablonicky (2nd Place) is well known at the Night of Champions as he has competed here many times. Just coming off of a first place win at the IFBB Toronto Pro Invitational on May 1, he was a serious contender for first place. He came to this show with outstanding size and fullness, which has become his trademark. His most noticeable improvement from prior years was in his tightness. Pavol went into the evening show in third place. He took first place in the individual posing round, moving him up to second place, which he retained for the balance of the evening.

Dexter Jackson (3rd Place) was most impressive during the final comparisons when the top five took the stage. He was highly symmetrical, balanced, hard, and tight. It was a classic contrast with Dexter and Milos on one side, showing an emphasis on pleasing symmetry and balance, and Dillett, Jablonicky, and Ruhl on the other side, showing massive size and thickness. Dexter went into the evening show in second place. It was Jablonicky's strong showing in the evening that moved Dexter to third.

Marcus Ruhl (4th Place) was the audience favorite, and the audience let the judges know it when Marcus was announced in fourth place. He may well have been the biggest competitor at the contest. Marcus hit his poses long and hard, which allowed the judges to become plainly aware of his domination when looking for muscularity and mass. Everything about Marcus said size and power. However, there were some imbalances in his physique. His deltoids were huge and striated, possibly without match in this competition. However, they overpowered his traps. His quads, although having good size, did not have a long, full sweep. The lower quad had a short sweep, while the upper flair was lacking. There was also some slack showing from the lower back to the upper hamstrings. At times I could not see any separation between the glutes and the hamstrings. Overall, Marcus was impressive, mostly due to his size gains in the last year.

Milos Sarcev, (5th Place) with his overall appearance of pleasing balance and shape, and his mastery at posing, was impressive. His individual routine was classic and worth the ticket price. Milos' strongest bodypart was his legs, which have fullness, separation, and size, with a long balanced sweep. His upper body needs to catch up to his legs. Although it showed good overall shape, it was overpowered by his legs.

Round 1: Symmetry Round (Quarter-Turns)
Round 2: Muscularity Round (Mandatory Poses)
Round 3: Individual Posing Routines
Round 4: Top 5 Symmetry/Muscularity Comparisons & Pose Down

 #1   #2   #3   #4 
1* Paul Dillett Canada 5 6 11 7 29
2* Pavol Jablonicky Czech Republic  14 13 8 10 45
3* Dexter Jackson USA 14 11 14 13 52
4* Marcus Ruhl Germany 26 18 18 20 82
5* Milos Sarcev Yugoslavia 17 33 34 25 109
6 Ernie Taylor England 32 26 30   88
7 Johnny Moya USA 34 31 33   98
8 Darrem Charles Trinidad 38 39 32   109
9 Porter Cottrell USA 44 52 51   147
10 Orville Burke USA 58 47 49   154
11 Claude Groulx Canada 48 53 55   156
12 Jason Arntz USA 56 64 61   181
13 Tom Prince USA 65 72 70   207
14 JD Dawodu England 80 65 64   209
14 Dennis James USA 72 72 65   209
16 Stan McCrary USA 75 80     155
17 Ed Van Amsterdam Holland 76 80     156
18 David Fisher Canada 78 80     158
19 David Alleyne Barbados 80 80     160
19 Gustavo Badell USA 80 80     160
19 Darien Bond USA 80 80     160
19 Fredon Boojaklee Syria 80 80     160
19 Ken Brown USA 80 80     160
19 Gianluca Daniele Italy 80 80     160
19 J Eleftheriedis Germany 80 80     160
19 Fauzi Hanst Caribbean 80 80     160
19 Istvan Horvath Hungary 80 80     160
19 Ken Jones USA 80 80     160
19 Berry Kabov Yugoslavia 80 80     160
19 Rod Ketchens USA 80 80     160
19 Jeno Kiss Hungary 80 80     160
19 Craig Licker USA 80 80     160
19 Christian Lobarede Chile 80 80     160
19 Patrick Lynn USA 80 80     160
19 Mohamed Makkawy  Canada 80 80     160
19 Benedetto Mondello  Italy 80 80     160
19 Omid Parsa Sweden 80 80     160
19 Bruce Patterson Canada 80 80     160
19 Mike Quinn USA 80 80     160
19 Grant Thomas England 80 80     160
19 Ivory Turner USA 80 80     160
19 Innocent Ukpong Nigeria 80 80     160
19 Soika Zvi Israel 80 80     160

*Top 5 qualify for Mr. Olympia

Johnny Moya (7th Place) can't seem to do anything wrong at the Night of Champions. He's a local favorite and New York audiences like him. Johnny consistently comes in hard and always peaks at the right time.

Darrem Charles' (8th Place) project for this year is to put on more size, and the results were already showing. He came in with more fullness than last year, yet he maintained his tight symmetry. His biceps were eye-riveting. His individual routine and selection of music may have been the most impressive of the evening.

Jason Arntz (12th Place) came to his first Night of Champions with the good proportions he's become known for. He had excellent delts that were full, yet tight with striations. They were well balanced with impressive traps and quads.

Ed Van Amsterdam (17th Place) was one of the impressive new physiques to the Night of Champions. He displayed a good combination of both muscularity and symmetry, which make up two of the three judging criteria. He had excellent thickness to his muscles, as was seen from all angles. His back was deep. His delts were full and in good proportion with his legs. Ed's weakness came in the form of some overall smoothness. Some of his body parts, such as his traps and upper chest, could use some more size to balance with the rest of him.

Ken Brown has been making deliberate and consistent gains in the sport. In 1997 he became a pro by winning the NPC USA Championships' overall title. As is the usual practice among professional bodybuilders, he took 1998 off to prepare himself for pro level competitions. He was pretty visible in his off-year by landing product endorsements and frequent appearances in print magazines. Ken came to this show with some good full size, particularly in his 22" biceps, striated delts, and thick separated quads. Although this was a good showing for Ken's first Night of Champions, I'd like to see him with stronger traps and upper pecs.

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