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Mike D'Angelo Bodybuilder

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mike d'angelo This is a profile of myself to give you an idea of where I'm coming from.

My name is Mike D'Angelo. Recently I won my class at the U.S.A. Natural Bodybuilding Championships sanctioned by the American Natural Bodybuilding Conference. About the same time I placed third in my division at the highly publicized MuscleMania Contest in Redondo Beach.

My experience with lifting weights started in my cellar when I was thirteen. It started out to improve my strength and size to enable me to do better in football and wrestling. Although I didn't start training specifically for bodybuilding contests until I was a freshman in college, I must say ever since I can remember I have always had an interest in bodybuilding. Now, living the bodybuilding lifestyle is something I enjoy doing. I love the sport and would like to see it continue to grow.

I believe the basic fundamentals that encompass the sport can benefit everyone in leading a healthier lifestyle. Over the past years I have been working as a personal trainer/exercise physiologist. I have a wide variety of clientele from college students training to improve their ability in school sports, to businessmen, to doctors, to geriatrics looking to have their health last their lifetime. The basics of human physiology applies to all.

My formal education in the health field includes a degree in Exercise Physiology. Along with years of experience in the gym, I feel this education enabled me to get an inside look at human physiology. In fact, learning what I did in school helped to motivate me to see what I could do with my own body. By applying what I was learning in college to what I was doing in the gym was a perfect way to put my education to use.

Competition History

  • 11/97 ANBC USA Naturals - Short Class/First Place
  • 11/97 MuscleMania - Lightweight/Third Place
  • 11/96 ANBC USA Naturals - Short Class/First Place & Best Poser
  • 11/96 MuscleMania - Medium Class/Third Place
  • 11/94 ANBC USA Naturals - Junior Division/Overall & Best Poser
  • 6/93 ANBC Mr. Massachusetts - Junior Division/Overall
  • 6/92 ANBC Northeast Natural - Junior Division/Fifth Place
  • 5/91 Southern New England Gold's Classic - Teen Short Class/Second Place
  • 7/90 ANBC Southern New England Championships - Teen Division/Overall
  • 7/90 AAU Bay State - Teen Short Class/Third Place

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