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Jeramy Freeman Bodybuilder

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 Jeramy Freeman, NY East Coast Muscle first met Jeramy and Kim Schuller, his girlfriend of 10+ years, in July 1996 when he was 25 years old. He was competing in a local show in the days before there was a super-heavyweight class. So, he was in the heavyweight class measuring 6' 0" tall and weighing in at 256 lbs, which made him easy to notice. Jeramy was off-peak that year because he was coming off of a back injury, but his potential couldn't be hidden. He was tall and he had an excellent balance throughout his physique. His friendly personality made us hope he would succeed in the sport.

Jeramy took care of the weak spots from that year, and until 2001 stood as one of the front-runners in the national level ranks. He is one of the most photographed bodybuilders, frequently appearing in every major publication. He has a dedicated following and is perceived as being highly marketable, even before reaching pro status.

In 2001, at the IFBB North American Championships, Jeramy won the Overall title, and became an IFBB professional bodybuilder.

We thought it was time Jeramy had an official website. We offered to host Jeramy's site for him, and asked him to provide us with some stats for our readers. Here is where Jeramy will be posting training articles and updated information about himself.

Jeramy Keith Freeman
Date of Birth: 
December 21, 1970
New York
6' 0"
270/315 pounds
IFBB Professional Bodybuilder
Owner of Well Rounded Health & Fitness Personal Training
NPC Promoter: 
Ironman Classic, Syracuse NY
2001 IFBB North American Championships, Overall Winner
1997 New York State Strong Man Competition, Overall Winner
1996 NPC Collegiate National Championships, Overall Winner
1992 NPC Niagara Falls Amateur Grand Prix, Heavyweight Winner
1992 NPC Mr. New York State, Heavyweight Winner
1990 Upstate New York Bench Press Competition, Overall Winner
1989 Teenage Natural Mr. America, Overall Winner

 Jeramy Freeman, NY
Jeramy is available for:
  • Guest Posing
  • Seminars
  • Professional Modeling
  • Product Endorsements
. Jeramy is a also Certified Personal Trainer.

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