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Jason Heiges Bodybuilder

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 Jason Heiges, PA We met Jason in the Fall of 1998 at the NPC East Coast Bodybuilding Classic in New Jersey. It was his first bodybuilding competition. He was excited, eager, and an easy guy to talk with. His muscle fullness attested to his powerlifting history, yet he managed to keep a good balance and pleasing look to his physique.

We thought Jason would be a good local amateur competitor to profile, and we contacted him ..... on his family's farm in Pennsylvania where he lived at the time. Jason was raised and lived on a farm. (We know half the guys profiled in magazines come from farms, but this one's for real!) He and Kerri, his girlfriend (now wife, and favorite topic of conversation), came to NYC to discuss a profile in East Coast Muscle. We invited Jason to join East Coast Muscle and contribute some information about himself for a profile. Jason agreed, and East Coast Muscle arranged for him to be photographed. Here is some information Jason provided, and photos of Jason. This is Jason's official website.

Jason and Kerri are now focusing on planning a family, working on their new house, and the gym ..... in that order. Jason told us to expect him to return to competitive bodybuilding. Judging by what we saw recently when we met with him, he's definitely in the contest preparation stages as he has put on significant size.

Jason Andrew Heiges Jason Heiges
Date of Birth: 
July 5, 1973
York, PA (the original Muscle Town, USA!)
Marital Status: 
Happily married to Kerri
5' 9"
190/225 pounds
Since 1989. Powerlifting was my first love, but I found out there are too many injuries involved.
-2000 NABBA Keystone State Bodybuilding Classic (2nd Place & Most Muscular);
-1998 NPC East Coast Bodybuilding Classic (2nd Place);
-1996 Iron Island Bench Classic (2nd Place)
Best Bodyparts: 
Arms and chest
Worst Bodyparts: 
Calves and back
Bodybuilders I Admire: 
-Shawn Ray for speaking his mind;
-Flex Wheeler, Chris Cormier, & Bill Davey for keeping their symmetry in a sport of massed out freaks and ballooned abs.
What I Like: 
Going on cruises with Kerri.

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