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Matt Lowden Bodybuilder

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Matt Lowden

Matt Lowden stands 5'10" tall and competes as a heavyweight around 220lbs. Matt has been competing as a bodybuilder for ten years, so he knows what works for him and what doesn't. Matt comes from Seattle, Washington where he started weight training because he wanted to quit smoking.

His first NPC USA Championship was in 2002 where he won the NPC Team Universe Championship in the middleweight division. A year later at the same event he placed 4th and was disappointed that he did not do better. But Matt is not the type who quits and competing in middleweight again he placed 4th at the 2005 NPC Emerald Cup.

It might have taken him six years to get there but in 2008 he eventually won the NPC Emerald Cup competing in the heavyweight division where he was so impressive that he walked away as the Overall Winner that night. Matt explains that his workout strategy requires him to spend more time recuperating than the average bodybuilder.

He explains that over the years he has worked out what works for him the best. His training schedule usually remains the same all year round but he cycles his training just like any competitive bodybuilder.

Matt explains that his regular routine looks like this:

Tues-Chest and Triceps
Wed-Back and Biceps
Fri-Shoulders, abs and calves
Sat Quads and Hams

Matt has a unique way of training his legs because as he explains, his legs and lower back are just not cut out to do squats, so he lunges. But Matt does lunges that would get any competitive bodybuilder puking buckets because his walking lunges with 220lbs on his back is something astounding to see on UTube.

Matt explains that taking supplements like Creatine is a no-brainer which he combines with Methoxy products because of his recovery problems. Matt also combines all that with Glutamine and BCAA's which he takes before and after every workout to help him speed up his genetically slow recovery process.

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