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Aaron Maddron
IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

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Aaron Maddron Hey muscle fanatics! My name is Aaron Maddron. This is my official web site and my first contribution to East Coast Muscle, where my web site will be found. East Coast Muscle is an organization that I'm very proud to be a part of. I look forward to enlightening you all to the best of my abilities in the areas of training, diet & nutrition, contest preparation, posing, and whatever else you're interested in. I have a good number of years as a competitive bodybuilder, certified personal trainer, certified nutritionist, and health club owner. So, I feel I have much to give others. So please log on anytime, and soak it all up!

Let me start by telling you a little about who I am and where I come from. I was born in Oregon in 1970, but moved to California when I was around 11 months old so my father could undergo cancer treatment at Stanford University. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease there in 1971 and fought through a year of devastating chemotherapy and radiation treatment before a miraculous recovery. Once he was healthy, we moved back to Oregon and lived with my grand parents for two years until we were financially stable enough to move into our own home. So, from the earliest parts of my life, I have memories of family closeness and the strength of spirit and faith.

Throughout the next 14 years, I enjoyed a wonderful middle class upbringing. My mom was a social worker, and still is working in senior and disabled services. My dad went on to start a family counseling practice. Although they divorced in 1977, my parents remain the best of friends today, and my relationships with both of them are extremely important to me.

Aaron Thomas Maddron
Date of Birth: 
November 5, 1970
Current Residence: 
Marital Status: 
Married to IFBB professional fitness athlete Brandy Maddron
IFBB Professional Bodybuilder
Owner of Pro Fitness Family Athletic Center, Medford OR
5' 11"
255/295 pounds
1999 NPC Nationals - Overall & Super-Heavyweight Winner
1995 NPC Emerald Cup - Heavyweight Winner
1995 NPC Pacific Coast - Overall & Heavyweight Winner
1993 NPC Mr. Oregon - Overall & Heavyweight Winner
1990 NPC Mr. Oregon - Overall Teen
1989 NPC Mr. Oregon - Overall Teen

Aaron Maddron In 1987 I joined a small hard core gym in West Eugene, called Delp's Bodybuilding. It was here that I caught the training bug that still drives me today. The gym was home to many ex-cons and top ranked bodybuilders and power lifters. Although I was entirely intimidated, it didn't take long for them to befriend me and my training Partner, Dave. Through their advice and the gym owner's prompting, I decided to train for my first contest, the Teenage Mr. Oregon, which I won in 1989. I went on to win the title again in 1990. Eventually, I won the overall title at the 1999 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships, which I'm very proud of. I still maintain that the hard core atmosphere at Delp's is what gave me the work ethic and mental toughness necessary to be a champion. I truly owe Mark Delp, and the crew, a huge debt of gratitude!

Today, Brandy and I are enjoying so many blessings that are the fruits of our labor. We have been able to travel throughout the US and overseas, places we would never have been able to see without bodybuilding and fitness. We have met countless fans and promoters who love the sport so much, and who have been so gracious to us. It truly is an honor to be involved with bodybuilding at this level. Any pro who says otherwise needs to reevaluate his or her goals in life. The fans make it al worthwhile!

My current plans are to aggressively pursue competing at the pro level. I am training with a vengeance in an effort to qualify for the Mr. Olympia. I'm supremely motivated right now because of the fact that I'm on the bottom rung of a new ladder, the IFBB pro ladder!

Photos by Eric Jacobson, Impact-Photography

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