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Frank Sepe
Bodybuilder and Fitness Model

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Frank Sepe Two of the three traits judges look for are Muscularity and Symmetry. Frank's command of these two traits have brought him front and center in Bodybuilding. Combine these traits with his looks and you have a rare appearance which not only fits well in our sport but also generates mass appeal. He has brought our sport front and center to the public as they watch all forms of media, i.e. TV, print, and the Internet.


Current residence: NYC & Long Island NY
Born: December 28, 1971
6' 1"
271 pounds
32" waist
6% bodyfat
Gym: Bev Francis' Gold's Gym, Syosset NY
Gym: Dolphin Fitness Clubs, West 19 Street, NYC

The Interview

In my experiences meeting and interviewing competitive bodybuilders, I have met athletes who were eager, friendly and pleasant to talk with. I have also had the unfortunate experience of meeting bodybuilders who were unapproachable and arrogant. I have noticed that younger athletes who have less experience in competing are more cooperative and eager to talk. I always assumed it was because they were eager for the exposure which would establish them in the sport. This trait is unfortunately lost in some people as they become successful.

Although Frank is well within the definition of being a successful bodybuilder, he was one of the most pleasant and eager interviews I've had. I found him to be young, excited, but not naive. He was also confident, but not arrogant.


Frank and his family carry a strong law enforcement background to them. His father was a police officer. Frank's brother, Scott, is a 27 year old NYC police officer. Frank graduated from Nassau Community College where he majored in Criminal Law. He never pursued that field though. Straight from college he was offered jobs in modeling and acting, which he took.

Frank was athletic in school before bodybuilding entered his life. While in high school Frank pitched on the school baseball team. He was 5'11" and 150 lbs. However Frank was prodded into bodybuilding by his brother's success in the sport. Scott, about this time, became a title-holder. Frank pursued weight-lifting. The genetic propensity the Sepes have to succeed in bodybuilding took off quickly. Coupled with strong support from his parents, his brothers Tommie, Scott, and his sister Robin, there wasn't much to hold him back.

Frank's first title was the 1994 Eastern USA Bodybuilding Championships where he took the heavyweight class. He next took the 1995 New York Metropolitan Bodybuilding Championships heavyweight and overall.


Frank trains at Bev Francis' Gold's Gym in Syosset NY. His workouts have maximum intensity. He credits his training partner, Doug Sheppard, for his successful workouts.

Frank and Doug use a 4 day on/1 day off schedule:

  1. Chest/Biceps
  2. Shoulders/Triceps
  3. Back
  4. Legs
Frank does cardio and abs seven days per week. Each bodypart is worked as follows:
  • 3-4 different exercises
  • 3 sets per exercise
  • 6-10 reps per set

Frank does not mind a strict diet when he is preparing for a competition or a photo shoot. He survives on a diet of 500 grams of protein, 200 grams of carbohydrates (vegetables, rice, oatmeal), and limits his fat intake to 5% of his calories. During preparation he eats 5 meals per day. Four meals consist of 8 oz. of fish (e.g. broiled halibut with lemon) and vegetables with rice. He supplements that with 3 MetRx with HMB daily. I dug on the issue of MetRx because I know Frank is under contract with them and is a member of Team MetRx. However I did not get a memorized promotion announcement from him. He explained in detail the progress he's made with MetRx. This led me to believe he's genuinely convinced that the MetRx with HMB actually does work. I've been using MetRx with HMB ever since this interview.

When not preparing for a competition or a photo session, Frank is not very restricted in his diet. He freely includes pizza and ice cream. Fortunately for him, his body composition does not vary much. That's obviously a genetics factor that you either have or don't have.

Frank's Plans

Frank plans on continuing his ties to bodybuilding and further establishing himself in our sport. He will be putting more focus on returning to acting and modeling. He made it clear to me that he will not be moving to California. He much prefers New York life. He also states his bodybuilding career would be handicapped if he left New York because he relies heavily on Steve Weinberger's ability to coach him in the sport. He also hopes to continue on Team MetRx as he apparently has done some research and feels good about the product.

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