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Bodybuilding Contest Prep Motivation

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Q: How can I keep up my motivation when getting ready for a bodybuilding contest?

A: Bodybuilding without a doubt is one of the toughest sports in the world. Not only must a bodybuilder train day in day out, but he or she must eat, sleep, and ---- bodybuilding. Dieting is the most difficult part of a bodybuilders prep. The key to being able to stay sane during contest dieting is to stay focused day in and day out on what you are trying to accomplish. Read bodybuilding books and magazines. Purchase videos of previous shows or videos of your favorite athletes. Find out who your competition will be and get pictures of them and post them on your refrigerator, or photos of your favorites or just athletes you admire. Go to area shows that you are not training for. Keep a journal. Socialize more with people that are preparing for the same or other shows, or people that have been there. This does not mean disassociate yourself with your normal family or friends, it simply means to stay around positive people that will support you and/or motivate. Try to limit your distractions, by avoiding negative energy and capitalizing on positive energy. Mental focus can make or break you.

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