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Bodybuilding Contest Preparation Tips

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Bodybuilding Pre Contest Preparation

If you are preparing for an upcoming bodybuilding contest, there are a few steps you need to take before getting on the stage. Some bodybuilders may have different rituals in order to get their body ready. This is a time when it is critical to look your best and showcase your muscles. Judges are looking for excellent muscle structure and balanced ripped physiques. To fully prepare yourself, you will want at least 3 months ahead of time to begin. This will allow you to get into a diet and workout plan and adapt to it. You will want to note your body fat and try and reduce it before competitions. There are several books and videos out there to get you started and advised at to how to prepare. You will want to have your physician perform a physical first to make sure you are healthy enough to perform.

In order to keep good track of your body fat during this whole process, it would be in your best interest to get it measured about once every two weeks. This will get you in tune with your body and your progress. The other important pre-preparation tip is to take a picture of yourself beforehand. This will allow you to also note your progress and know what you're doing is working.

Now, you are ready to begin diet and workout. You will want to steer clear of fat laced foods such as butter and a lot of starches. The key is a high protein diet to maintain or build your muscles but stay low on fat and low carb so that you will burn fat. Egg whites, chicken breast and tuna are excellent sources of protein.

There are also some supplements you may want to add such as and herbal fat burner and nitrobol amino acids.

At this time, you may keep track of your workouts with a note pad or log book. This will get you down to a routine and make the preparation process go much faster. You should keep changing the exercises and muscle building techniques you use to keep your muscles growing even while on a strict diet. You must be doing cardio everyday, twice a day is best - both morning and night.

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