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Bodybuilding Pre Contest Cardio

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Q: How much cario should I be doing to lose fat and get ripped for a bodybuilding show? And what type of carbs should I be eating?

A: When starting pre-contest cardio try this method:

12 weeks out - 20 minutes daily,
10 weeks out - 30 minutes daily,
8 weeks out - 2 seperate sessions- 30 minutes and 20 minutes,
6 weeks out - 2 seperate sessions- 30 minutes and 30 minutes - up until final week,
1 week out - back off to one 30 minute session.

Single sessions can be in the mornings or immediately following a workout. Double sessions should be split up similarly.

If you start your diet less than 12 weeks, follow the same sequence but change weekly instead of every 2 weeks.

If you diet longer follow the same sequence until you get to 2- 30 minute sessions and follow it into the last week.

Try to never exceed 75 minutes of cardio in a single day.

When choosing carbs to consume for your pre-contest diet, choose carbs that are low glycemic. This means they breakdown slower giving a sustained release of energy. This also keeps the body from releasing insulin which shuts down the body fat burning potential. Use brown rice instead of white rice and sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes.

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