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Bodyweight Training Review

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Review of The Muscle Experiment by Mike Thiga

Mike Thiga is living proof that you don't need weights or fancy equipment to build an impressively massive physique.

Born with a deformity on his right arm, people would tend to look down on him as a weakling. On top of that, he was an extremely skinny kid, right up to his twenties when he finally decided to make big changes in his life. Mike went through a series of frustrating challenges as he tried to build muscle in vain.

Then he came across a set of long forgotten bodyweight training protocols and his life was never the same again.

In slightly less than 6 months, Mike packed on 39 pounds of solid muscle, pushing him from a measly 148 pounds to a massive 187 pounds...all without ever lifting a weight or going to the gym.

Mike states that the chief reason people fail to build muscle using bodyweight training is because most people have been misinformed by the useless and impractical information floating around on the Internet. And his passion is to open up people's eyes as to the awe inspiring possibilities that can be achieved using bodyweight training exercises.

He now shares his game-changing discoveries with anyone who seriously wants to building loads of muscle - nomatter what "disadvantages" they think they might have. And he reveals all this in his newly released top rated e-book, The Muscle Experiment: Lost Secrets of Bodyweight Training Revealed.

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