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Correcting an Uneven Bench Press

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Q: I have really bad balance bench pressing and cant seem to fix it.It is affecting my lifting as i cant go past 80ks without going down on my right side. Any ideas!!!! I am currently taking whey amino acid tablets and have stopped taking creatine because of reports ive heard about it causing side effects. Is there any truth in this and should i take any thing instead or go back on the creatine with the amino acid tabs??? Thanks a million

A: In terms of your bench press switch to using dumbbells for the next 8-12 weeks and see if it makes any difference to your imbalance. There is no truth to the creatine scare. I would kick the amino acid tabs and switch to whey protein. I would lay off the Creatine for a few weeks and see how you go with the d'bells and the whey. After the layoff go back to the bench and start back on the creatine but be sure to keep incorporating d'bell work into your routine.

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