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Does Chitosan Really Block Fat

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Q: What are your views on chitosan, and fat magnets in general?

A: It does work and here is how it does: You consume say 2 * 500mgs capsules of Chitosan with your meals. The 1 gram of chitosan will bind itself to upto 6 times it weight in fat. This means that potentially at every meal 6 grams of fat will not be absorbed by your body but rather excreted in due course. Let us assume you do this 3 times a day - this means you save 18grams of fat which equates to 164kcals so in a week you will have saved 1150kcals which based on a lb of fat being 3500kcals it would take you three weeks to lose 1 pound or 42 weeks to lose a stone. In closing Chitosan works but it is used for many things one is purifying water in 3rd world areas. It is not the magic fat-loss product that people are saying when marketing the product. You would be better off with a thermogenic product coupled with a revision of your diet and an increased energy expenditure. Trimming say 350kcals from your diet is easy as is burning 350 from exercise. This would help you lose 1.5lbs a week.

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