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Exercises to Build Back Thickness

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Q: What exercise would you recommend to add thickness to my back?

A: This is a good question, however you did not specify what area of the back. So I will approach this question holistically. To start you should hit the back from a variety of different angles using a variety of different exercises. Second, because the back is the second largest body group, you should attack it with a large number of sets and reps. Beginner to intermediate trainers should do 3-4 different exercises, 2-3 different sets with 12-15 repetitions. Intermediate to advanced trainers should work toward 4-5 different exercises, 3-4 sets, and 8-15 reps. Some excellent back exercises include: pull-ups, seated row, t-bar rows, lat pull-downs, behind the neck pull-downs, pull-overs, one arm dumbbell rows, and cable rows just to name a few. Another good trick to remember is to experiment with pulling the bar to a different part of the upper torso to hit the back in a different spot. For example, wide grip lat pull-downs to the upper chest help widen the upper lats. However, close grip or reverse grip pull-downs hit more of the middle back and lower lats. The point here is to experiment with hand position during back movements. And lastly, incorporate an occasional superset and/or drop set to really blast the back into maximum growth.

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