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Fit Over 40 Review

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Transforming Body After 40 – Not A Big Deal!

Fit Over 40: Discover How You can Look and Feel 10, 15, 20 Years Younger Today!!

Fit Over 40 – by Jon Benson and Tom Venuto – is an amazing book that bestows a collection of over 50 paragon case studies. And, what is more astounding is that these are not fictions, rather, are the stories told by people who have lived a radical shift. The book presents workable solutions that people have actually applied in their lives to get a remarkable change in their bodies, with age – no bar.

The book cover promises to do magic for people above 40. But, it indeed is also a boon for those who are yet to reach the big number. An inspiration at an early age can do miracles! Working with your body with time can make it immune to aging. It can do wonders and all it needs is exercise and proper nutrition.

Fit Over 40 guides you to accomplish the goal of slim and strong body full of stamina. Talking about the details of the book, the first few sections of the book highlight Jon’s (co-author of the book) prodigious tour, from a sluggish to a stalwart body. In the next few sections, Jon and Tom have presented the case studies of more than 50 people from across the globe who have experienced remarkable change in their physique with the extensive training tips given in the book. The best part of the book is that it brings together individuals from all walks of life. These people have delineated their personal theories before listing down their training and eating charts. And this believe me is the real motivation factor. You feel like get set and go! The book has role-models for people of all ages – 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and even 70+. Yes! This book underscores all such chronicles.

The later section of the book travels you through the process of transforming your mind and body. The authors have very well laid the fact that “It’s all in the mind”. They have given great tips to master your attitude towards achieving the goal of a robust body.

Fit Over 40 Ebook CoverThe last section covers the five pillars of anti-aging, which is everyone’s dream. It focuses on each of these pillars: weight training, aerobic activity, flexibility, nutrition, recovery and renewal.

The authors have taken the book to closure discussing “The mindset for excellence”, which avouches the power of harnessing belief. The book is a complete guide to fitness – harmony of mind and body.

If you are concerned about your physique, then this book is definitely worth reading. So, don’t procrastinate, get onto the board and grab a copy of Fit Over 40.

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