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HMB Supplement Does It Work

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Q: Do you advise the use of HMB in a my supplement regimen?

A: Yes, and No. Is that a tricky answer? Let me explain. Most of the articles I have read on the subject suggest that HMB is beneficial during periods of restricted calories. During this period the HMB works as an anticatabolic. This mean it keeps the body from burning muscle. Some articles go as far as to suggest HMB may help you may even build some muscle and burn some fat during this period. I have used HMB during my precontest diet an I do believe it helped me preserve muscle. I measured this by the fact that I maintained more muscle mass than previous years (bodycomp) and I maintained more strength. Later, I found that BCAA were suppose to have a similar anti-catabolic effect. Because BCAA were more cost effective, I switched to them the following year. I believe they helped but not as much as the HMB. So, on the other hand, during the off season when calories are high along with fats and carbs. The body uses these nutrients for energy as opposed to hard earned muscle. Therefore, I say yes, HMB may be beneficial during periods of dieting and not beneficial during periods of elevated caloric intake.

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