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How Much Rest Between Body Parts

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Q: How long should I rest between muscle groups?

A: That is a very tough question to answer, since we are all very unique in our ability to recover from stress (Exercise Stress). My advise would be to keep a workout-log every time you train. Start with training each muscle group every 7 days. Take note of the amount of reps and weight you performed each time.

If you are getting stronger you are on the right track. Since the amount of intensity will grow (more weight/reps) each time, you will need to be aware that your body is exposed to more stress. This means the demands on your recovery ability will increase. The result is OVERTRAINING !!!

If you don't get any stronger (or worst even weaker), insert 1 extra rest day until you are progressing again.

I personally train only once every 3rd day at this point, since the intensity of my workouts are so severe.

You biggest goal should be to find out your own individual recovery time! (You'll be surprised, it's probably longer than you thought).

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