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How to Calculate One Rep Max

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Q: How can I calculate the 1 rep max for a given exercise?

A: Why do you want to calculate it when you can find out exactly what it is by maxing out? Take whatever exercise it is you want to figure the one rep max for and let it fly. Get warmed up and then go for a one rep max weight. If you miss it, try something lighter a few minutes later. If you get it, and you feel like you had some strength left increase the weight by an appropriate amount.

Too many people today are getting caught up in the science of weight lifting and bodybuilding. If they applied half as much effort into training and diet as they did into some theoretical practice that is based on scientific research which will be outdated in five years anyway, they would probably grow so fast they wouldn't care about all of the scientific mumbo jumbo.

Calculating a one rep max based on a formula doesn't mean anything! It would only represent what you are supposed to be able to do based on someone's theory. What does mean something is what you can do, so max out and find out for real!

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