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How to Change Up My Workout Routine

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Q: I've been extremely dedicated to a routine....chest/arms; legs/back;shoulders/tri's....but I need something new....i'm thinking of working out in the morning...then working out at night....maybe 3-4 days a this too much....I'd just like to jazz up my routine...I'm looking for size...I'm 6'2 190....and would love to get to 200....any suggestions....

A: You are correct in assuming you require a change of routine. I would suggest that everybody tweak their routine(s) about every 8-10 weeks. If you are training solely with weights then working out 8 times per week is too much (unless your workouts are short and sharp i.e. 35mins max). I would recommend training 4 times per week and possibly adding one CV session which entails interval training such as a 5minute warm up followed by 1min easy and 1min very hard on the exercise bike for 10-12 sets followed by a 5minute cool down. I would suggest that you search this site and go into worout routines and have a look at the programs others have used. You are looking to gain 10lbs this is easily achieved by year's end. You must increase you consumption of wholesome food and consider the use of whey protein and perhaps Creatine. If you train hard and eat well then the gains will certainly follow. My brother has gained 25lbs in 12 months and he is 6ft2 he has gone from 189lbs to 214lbs and should if he keeps busting his chops get to 220lbs by the end of the year. He has increased his maximum BP from 190lbs to about 300lbs (300lbs is a plateau for him at the moment) If I were you then short term I would look to gain 10lbs but by this time next year I would aspire to be 210lbs. Hope this is helpful

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