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How to Gain Lean Muscle Mass Naturally

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Q: I really would like to gain more lean muscle mass. At present i do weight training, five or six times a week, concentrating on one main body part per session. I find it hard to eat constantly as i am a student and A. dont have that much disposable income and dont have the time to eat. I spend up to about 40 dollars a month on supplements. I use prolabs 100% whey, and EAS creatine monohydrate. This is the second time ive used creatine and are not fining the effects as great as last time, in fact ive lost a couple of pounds. Please advice, thanx in advance

A: I can empathise with student life and the lack of disposable cash. I think 5-6 weight sessions a week is too much. I would cut this back to 4. Before we get onto supplements you need to make sure the rest of your diet primes your body for gaining muscle. Are you eating enough protein? Do you know how many calories you should be consuming? Don't use a cop out excuse like I don't have enough time to eat. You can have a 6 egg omlette and 2 slices of toast, cooked, eaten and cleaned inside of 12 minutes. Spending $40 a month on supplements should be enough to get you all you need. Creatine is not a magic pill, it does work but only if you work with it. Number one ingredient is and always will be Protein. Getting back to your training use some of my routines from yhis wesite and you'll get better results. I would suggest training with 1 or 2 others for motivation and encouragement if you do not already.

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