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How to Get Six Pack Abs Now

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Q: What is the best way to tone my abs and develop a six pack?

A: I alternate two different ab routines as my mainstays. The first is done by picking several abdominal exercises and doing each one for time. They are all floor exercises - crunches, leg ups, and variations. I do each one for around a minute, or until I can't do any more for that exercise before switching. I do all reps controlled and blow every last ounce of breath out that I can when flexing at the top of the movement. After doing four exercises (4 Min.) I rest and stretch the abs for around 30 seconds. I then start the cycle again. The first time I did this routine, my abs hurt for a week!

The second routine is a tri-set. I perform 3 sets of incline slant board crunches followed by hanging leg raises immediately into knee ups of the end of a bench. These really burn my abs and bring out that six pack! But you are going to need to be lean to see your hard work.

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