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How to Peak for a Bodybuilding Contest

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Q: How do I reach my best condition on the exact day of a bodybuilding show?

A: When preparing for a competition, always try to be between 2-4 pounds from weight class the week before the show. This amount of weight is pretty easy to lose when cutting water. Many people over use the sauna in an effort to make weight. You do not want to start using the sauna until you start cutting water. You will simply be putting the lost fluid back in. Depending on the amount of weight (water) you have to lose and when you start cutting water. You should not use the sauna any more than three days max. I suggest no more than two. When you enter the sauna stay in approximately 10 -15 minutes get out for 3-5, and then in again for another 10-15 minutes. I would not suggest being in the sauna for more than 30 minutes in a session. And that should include a short break. Here is a trick from the pros: as you begin to sweat take a credit card or id and begin to push the sweat off and away from the body. This helps increase vascualrity and help promote loss of subcutaneous water as opposed to water from the muscle. Hope this trick helps and good luck!!

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