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How to Stay Focused on Working Out

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Q: How long have you been training and how have you remained focused year in and year out?

A: I have just begun my 14th year of training. I have used a variety of methods to remain focused. Here are just a few.

Each year I set short term (3 month increments) and long term (within the year) goals. A short term goal might be to put 10 pounds on might bench than the year before. A long term might be to add 1/4 inch on the girth of my bicep. I access might program and physique at the beginning of each year.

I post up inspirational pictures from magazines or I may even buy autographed photos of other athletes whose physiques I admire. I post them on the refrigerator or take them to the gym with me.

I constantly read and search for new information related to fitness, nutrition, supplementation and bodybuilding via mags, video, internet and journals.

I surround myself with others that have like goals, motivations, and aspirations.

I attend functions such as bodybuilding competitions, seminars, and workshops.

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