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Increase Your Bench Press Tips

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4 Tips to Increase Your Bench Press

"How much can you bench?" That is the most commonly asked question at any gym. The bench press is the most performed exercise at the gym and is used as a measurement of how strong you are. Everyone always wants to increase their bench press but the only problem is they don't know how. Are you stuck at a plateau and can't increase your bench press anymore? Try out these 4 tips to increase your bench press.

1) Improve your technique You need to have a solid bench press technique to avoid injury and lift more weight. Here are some tips to improve your technique: Grab the bar close to your wrist not your fingers. Squeeze the bar hard so it doesn't move at all. Squeezing the bar will also strength your triceps. Tighten your upper back by pulling your shoulder blades together and keeping them tight. This will give you a solid base to bench from.

2) Strengthen Your Arms and Back Having a strong back and strong arms will really help you push the bar up and down. Focus on increasing the strength in your lats, biceps and triceps.

3) Eat More Everybody knows that in order to build more muscle and become stronger, you need to eat a lot. Specifically, you need to eat more protein. Try to eat about 1g of protein for every pound that you want to weight. For example if you want to weight 180 lbs, eat 180g of protein. I know that may sound like a lot, but it will really help you bulk up and increase your bench press.

4) Try Compound Exercise Overloading So here is how this works, pick a weight you can do for 6-7 reps and do 3. Rest for 20 seconds and then do another 3 reps. Repeat that until you are unable to get 3 reps. Now take 10 pounds off the bar and do 3 reps. Rest for 20 seconds and do another 3 reps. Repeat that until you are unable to get 3 reps. Keep doing this for about 20 minutes. You will do this and only this the entire week. On day 1 do it for 20 minutes, on day 2 do it for 25 minutes, on day 3 do it for 30 minutes, on day 4 do it for 35 minutes, on day 5 do it for 40 minutes. Increase your starting weight by 5-20 lbs each day except for day 5. On day 5, use the same weight as day 1. Don't do any other form of exercise the entire week because you don't want to confuse your body with any other stimulus. Eat a ton during this week and get plenty of sleep. This will help you explode past your plateau, I promise.

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