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Is Creatine Safe for Teenage Use

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Q: I'm an 17 year old guy. I really have to say your website is awsome. But the question I have is this. I lifted now for about 3 months and I really have to say I got a whole lot bigger. I'm really happy about that, but two days ago I started taking Pure creatine monohydrat. Do you think this was wrong? I hope I'm not to young for that? Ahould I eat somthing special or drink more. And can I seriously not drink any alcohol durring the time I take the suplement. Right now during weight lifting I don't really feel the creatine, so I don't know maybe it starts working after a couple weeks. I what do I feel then?

A: . It is safe and okay both morally and physically to take Creatine at the age of 17. But, drinking alcohol is illegal at your age. Someone21 or over can drink alcohol whilst taking creatine but as alcohol is a diuretic it would be prudent to limit intake and also to ensure you are well hydrated with water or a similar non-diuretic beverage/cordial. You don't ever 'feel' the creatine per se, it will allow you to get an extra rep or two and recover faster, but I've never felt the creatine. I've left thinking "that was easier since I've taken the Creatine". Train Hard!

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