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king kamali workout

My training philosophy is simple; stick with the basics in the off-season and refine everything during the pre-contest phase.

(A) Training Style

I use a method called Powerbuilding. It's a combination of Powerlifting and Bodybuilding. By utilizing a training partner, I can go very heavy while still maintaining proper form and technique. I personally like to have my partner spot me from the very first repitition all the way to the last. Psychologically, this helps me to keep moving while using very heavy weight.

During the off-season, I like to take 60 seconds between sets while in the pre-contest phase I drop the rest time to 30 seconds. This aids in the fat burning process which is so critical during this phase of my contest preparation.

Never ever sacrifice quantity for quality. Be real with the poundages you use. Don't be a guest poser in the gym, trying to show-off will only result in serious injuries, and that is the biggest downfall for all bodybuilders trying to make big gains. Remember the great words of Lee Haney, "stimulate, don't annihilate."

(B) Sets and Reps

In the off-season I stick with 8-10 repititions per set, and incorporate 3 exercises per body part. The key here is INTENSITY. You don't need to do 100 sets to get results. Stick with the bare minimum and really hit it hard. (I think Dorian Yates showed the whole world that this method really works.)

During the pre-contest phase, bump things up. It's time to take all aspects of your training to the next level. The closer you get to show time, the harder things should and will get. Increase your reps, sets and intensity should be at its maximum while at the same time decrease your rest time between sets.

This way you can keep packing on the muscle while shedding the fat. I believe that an essential key to this process is the training partner. The right partner can give you that extra boost when needed and anyone who has ever dieted for a show knows how important this aspect is for successful conttest preparation.

(C) Cardio

I like to do 20-30 minutes of cardio, either treadmill or bike 3 times per week in the off-season. This keeps my body fat levels down and also keeps my blood circulating better to my muscles, which actually stimulates more muscle growth.

During my pre-contest phase, I do 45-60 minutes of cardio upon waking up on an empty stomach. I hate this more than anything else on earth but it works wonders when it comes to burning fat.

(D) Stretching

After every workout, I will take 5-10 minutes to stretch the particular muscle group that I just finished training. Nothing too crazy just moderate stretching with a 10 second hold at maximum stretch for 4 sets per limb or side.

(E) Recuperation

It is so important to rest, most important if you ask me. Almost all bodybuilders totally neglect this aspect of the sport. Remember, without rest, YOU WILL NOT GROW! I like to take a one hour nap after training and at least 8-10 hours of sleep at night.

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