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Markus Reinhardt Diet

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markus reinhardt diet

Nutrition advice from bodybuilder and high intensity trainer Markus Reinhard.

Determine your daily protein requirements (1.5 to 2 grams/per kilogram of lean bodyweight). Proteins that include the essential amino acids, are of utmost importance. Whey protein powder provides a great means to obtaining additional quality protein.

Remember proteins are best assimilated when accompanied by complex carbohydrates.

Consume high fiber foods. Not only does high fiber in your diet help in the reduction of cholesterol it also makes fats less likely to be absorbed in your body.

Always eat at least 5 meals a day. Two or three meals simply isn't enough. This way you stabilize your blood sugar and ensure better utilization of all the nutrients.

Remember the 1-2-3 rule. In each of your meals approximately 1 part of your calories should come from fat, 2 parts from protein and 3 parts from complex carbohydrates.

Fat intake should be limited to unsaturated fats (nuts,seeds, cold pressed vegetable oils and fish oils). No more than 15% of total calorie intake should come from fats.

Most of my clients achieve the best results when it comes to fat-loss while "cycling" their carbohydrate intake. This means ingesting less carbs on at least 2-3 consecutive days, then increasing them again on the fourth day. This technique will allow you to burn fat at maximum rate without slowing down your metabolism.

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