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Markus Reinhardt Workout

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markus reinhardt workout

My name is Markus Reinhardt and I am a professional Model and Bodybuilder.

My workout sessions usually last no longer then 30 min. but are MORE effective then conventional training methods. I am using my own experience based on the principles of High Intensity Training, HEAVY DUTY, which is the ONE and ONLY method of training that I endorse.

Start up your workout by doing 5-8 min. on the stationary bike. This will raise your bodytemperature and will get your muscles ready for high muscular contraction.

Perform an additional 5 min. of non-ballistic light stretching for the muscle group being trained. Hold each stretched position for 10 seconds.

The first set of your workout should be performed with no more then 20% of your maximum weight (meaning your 4 to 6 rep maximum). Do 10 to 15 reps, then add another 10% and finish a second set. This will get you ready (increased coordination) for your first high intensity set.

You are now ready to go! Use a weight you can handle in a slow controlled fashion. Performing four seconds on the eccentric (lowering) and 2 seconds on the concentric part is important to ensure maximum contraction and minimal risk of injury.

Stay within 6 to 10 repetitions for all muscle groups. Exceptions are made when it comes to Abdominal and Calf training. I suggest a slightly higher rep range, somewhere within 12 to 20.

Take as much time as needed between sets. You need to be able to attack every set with maximum concentration. This is not the time to do aerobics! Let your cardiovascular system return to normal before attempting another set.

I like to perform most of my exercises on machines such as HAMMER or NAUTILUS equipment. Most of my clients realize that they are getting a much deeper muscular contraction using these devices rather then the old fashioned free weight approach. While doing a high intensity set you shouldn't have to worry about balancing the load of a free weight. You should be able to devote all your energy to lifting the weight to maximum failure.

The use of a WORKOUT LOG will provide you with the necessary information to progressively increase the intensity. Document each workout, the amount of reps and weight, as well as the time you train. There is no point in training without one!

If you are trying to get more defined, don't make the mistake of lowering the weight/intensity of your workouts. While on a calorie restricted diet, you are already doing everything that needs to be done to burn fat and therefore give your muscle that "ripped" appearance that you want. You cannot shape or cut up a muscle. The only thing that you can do is remove excessive fat between the muscle and skin. Stay with weights that allow you to perform 6 to 12 reps and concentrate instead on proper diet techniques.

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