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NPC Team Universe Drug Testing

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Q: I want to train for the NPC Team Universe. What type of drug testing method do they use? And are prohormes legal?

A: The Team Universe uses two method of drug testing. They use polygraph and urinalysis. Every athlete in the show is polygraphed. And they do not ask if you use prohormones, because prohormes are not banned in the NPC. (Note: Some federations have banned prohormes - so know the rules of your chosen federation well ahead of any competition you chose.) However, prohormones can cause you to test positive for steroids on a urinalysis. At the Team Universe, the top two competitors of each weight class are tested. If you test positive, you are out of the competition, even if you were only using prohormones. The test cannot distinquish what has caused your testosterone to elevate above the standard or normal ratio. If you use prohormones it is generally suggested to allow 6-8 weeks for your testosterone count to return to normal. So allow at least this much time off of prohormes before a drug-tested competition.

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