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Q: I have been lifting for about 2 months, and have started to see some gains eg muscles! I have been reading a lot about supplements on the forums like Andro and NorAndro, that R supposed to be very good pseudo steroids (prohormones I guess I should call then), I was wondering if a person like me (ie not a seasoned lifter etc) should even consider taking such supplements? What is the difference between Andro and NorAndro (in effects not chemical structure!) and R they both legal in the UK? I have also read about the ECA stack, should it be wise for me to consider taking this as a weight loss aid? I started liftin to try and build some muscle but also to shift some weight, i am 23 6' 3", and about 14 stone. I have recently over the last 2 years lost about 3 stone and i am now trying to lose a bit more and build some muscle as well. Any advice would be very welcome.

A: As a newbie, I would not recommend the ProHormones there are plenty of supplements which will prove advantageous to you in your early stages of training products like Creatine, whey protein and a good multi-vitamin should be more than enough at this stage. ProHormones are legal in the UK. The difference between the various varieties in real terms is very little, it has to do with estrogenic and anabolic properties which is far to complicated to enter into here. As regards to the ECA stack I cannot say what is right or wrong or wise for you to take. Like I said earlier as you are a beginner I would suggest that you take your time. If you are training on a regular basis then your body composition will change meaning you will have less fat and more muscle, you do not necessarily have to lose any weight to see a significant change in body composition, remember that muscle weighs more than fat. Forget about weight loss and just start training and be patient and the results will follow.

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