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Ribose Supplement Reviews

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Q: Do you know anything about Ribose supplements? Apparently this helps with the ATP function - if so would it work well with Creatine? Would be of use to BBers or mainly Aerobic / Endurance type training?

A: I did some research on the subject and from the literature it appears to be a wonderful product. From what I have seen it does something similar to Creatine. The problem I have with Ribose is its price. I have been in contact with the company that has the license for Ribose and if we were going to sell it we would do so in powder form and in 100gram containers which is roughly a months supply. I have been told that those looking for the ultimate edge should consider taking 10 grams a day. These 100 gram containers which are a 10-30 day supply would cost $35.00. Now just remember this is a carbohydrate and I for one cannot justify a price like this for a meagre 100 grams. I am sure that L-Ribose would benefit both BB and CV athletes but my advice is NOT AT THAT PRICE!

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