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How to eat and exercise like a romance cover model

By Jason Aaron Baca

Photo by Portia Shao

Do you remember a time when you and your date decided to walk into a bookstore together after a night on the town? The 2 of you strolled past the different sections of books together, laughing, joking about the different titled. Then you both come across the Romance section. You see the chiseled, defined bodies on some of these cover models. She notices them too, and suddenly she is now gripped by these guys on the covers. You feel less than of course. You tell her that if you got in shape you can look just like them.

She laughs in disbelief. You went from feeling very confident, to very small in a matter of seconds. What she doesn’t know is you now have a secret way of looking just like these guys! I have a game plan that will get you ripped just like them.

My name is Jason Aaron Baca and have been on over 50 covers to date. I have the tools that you need to get yolked without her even knowing. When this is all over, you will shock her with your amazing body! She will be in awe when she’s reading a romance book and you say, “That guy is in shape, but look at me. This is slightly better!”

Here you go, this is my routine and diet that I live by, keep it to yourself.

As far as my split routine goes, Day 1 is Chest with Triceps , Day 2 is Shoulders , Day 3 is Back , Day 4 is legs with biceps. I do forearms,calves & abs daily since those are muscles that get used regularly and require more work if you are going to see any real results. I try to do them at the end of my regular workout.

For Chest I do 4 sets incline,decline & flat bench followed by 8 sets of fly’s. On the last set of flies, I make sure to do as many as I can and squeeze at the top. I do my triceps on the same day as chest since they are already worked from the pushing motion of doing chest. I usually do 8 sets of triceps.

For Shoulders I do 4-5 sets military press. On the last set I flex at the top for maximum burn. I follow military press up with 4 sets front,4 sets side , and 4 sets rear deltoids. Its important that a person not forget to do their rear deltoids which you can do with seated dumbbells leaning over your knees moving in a sort of fly motion. For rear deltoids I go light and really burn them in.

For the Back, I do 4 sets pull-ups either on the nautilus machine or freestyle lifting my body weight and holding for a second at the top. I also really stretch the muscle when I come down allowing my body weight to stretch the upper back and arms. From there I usually do 16 sets of a variety of back movements. I tend to like using the row machine.

For Legs I do 5 sets hack squats followed by 4 sets hamstring raises,4 sets quad

Machine, and 4 sets lunges. For the calves , I do a weight that it is difficult for me to do more then 8 reps. Calves have to be hit hard & heavy if you are going to make them grow.

For Biceps , I do 16 sets total. I don’t get complicated with them. I do 4 sets seated curls from nautilus machine, 8 sets curls , 3 sets incline curls , 1 set of 21’s.(which is done by doing 7 reps from chin to belly button, resist, repeat. Then 7 reps curling from legs to belly button, resist. Then finally , 7 full reps.)

For Forearms , I do 4 sets of the bench bar. I usually sit at the end of a bench press, holding the bar with wrists at end of bench and I twist using only my forearms to control the weight. I try to do at least 20 reps. If I make it to 20 reps too easy, I try to burn in 30 total for 4 sets.

For abs, I do 4 sets of 20 leg lifts followed by 200 ab crunches. I always make sure to squeeze at the top and keep my arms away from my body or above my head for maximum movement.

I can’t stress enough about the importance of flexing at the top of your movement. When you flex or squeeze at the top, it really burns in the muscles on any part of your body that you work. It will turn a good workout into a blistering one! I have a friend at the gym that is a bodybuilder that taught me this and I’ve never stopped since.

For cardio I only do a 10-15 minute job or I do the Wii Fitness where I jog in place for 10 minutes when its raining outside.

For my cool down, I do a 30 minute brisk walk around my neighborhood which helps mellow me out before bedtime. I always make sure to get all this done at least 3 hours before bedtime so that it won’t effect my sleep. Doing a rigorous workout just prior to bed can cause insomnia especially if you work your abs hard.

Now as for my diet…

Yes a lot of people ask me “what do you eat?” They ask me that more then what I do for exercise! I am always in a balanced diet; but allow one day a week to eat whatever I want. If a photo shoot is coming , I eat clean the entire time on up to the shoot.

Basically every night I pack my lunch for the next day. Usually it consists of 2 pieces skinless chicken, 3 egg whites, 1 orange or piece of fruit, 1 balance bar, 1 cliff bar, 1 tuna sandwich with lite mayo,lettuce & 100% whole wheat bread. I also do 1 centrum multi-vitamin 5 days per week. I do not eat all this food at once, each hour I have a little more. At 6 pm I will have a light dinner possibly asparagus & meat sandwich. I do not eat any later then 6pm! Any foods consumed after 6pm will probably end up getting stored around your midsection. You don’t need food after that time anyways.

I don’t like to include a lot of variety in my foods. I see that my friends are always having something ‘new’ to eat. I talk to them on the phone and ask what they had. Often times I’ll hear them say they had a combo pizza at 8pm at night. What does your body need a pizza that late for? You must be strict with your diet if you want results. The more you put into something and the more you try (And I mean REALLY TRY) the more you will get out of it.

And finally for grooming and staying clean. Here is my game plan for hygiene. Every morning when I wake up I have 8 oz. of crystal geyser water to hydrate my body. I start by putting an ice pack on my face for 8-10 minutes so that my face won’t look tired or puffy. After I’m done with the ice pack I warm the shower. I use Olay's Moisturizing body wash with the lufa. After working up a nice lather, I rinse then use a Dove avocado bar. I make sure to wash my face before and after shaving. I always shave in the shower which also exfoliates my skin. When I am Completely finished shaving I go over my face one last time with The Body Shop's "Vitamin C Cleansing Polish" This will brighten my skin and also protects from pollutants.

After the shower, I sometimes put on a Sink-In Moisture Mask which I leave on for a bit while it dries onto my face. This will help hydrate my skin. After I remove the mask, I put on some smoothing day cream which reduces fine aging lines, then a moisturizer with Vitamin E. I also put on an anti aging eye-balm for men around my eyes so I don't get dark circles, I believe L’Oreal puts a good one out. Finally, I use a moisturizing protective lotion which is put out through Grainer.

So there you have it! I hope you can stick to this game plan and show that date what you are made of. If you follow these secrets of mine and do them with passion, you will notice improvements all over your body. Muscles will start to show all over. I don’t know about you but there is nothing more confident feeling then having muscles that show.

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