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Skip La Cour

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Skip La Cour Bodybuilder

skip la cour bodybuilder

Skip La Cour has become a pioneer in drug-free bodybuilding by the example he has set on the competitive bodybuilding stage and through his articles and seminars about natural bodybuilding. Delivering what he describes as "information and inspiration for drug-free training," La Cour is fulfilling his mission by helping hundreds of people around the world improve their nutritional and supplementation habits, increase their level of training knowledge, and become more motivated to develop their physiques to outstanding levels without the use of drugs.

La Cour lives in Lynnwood, WA.

He has been training for 10 years and has been competing for nine years. In that nine year time span, La Cour has competed in 20 bodybuilding competitions.

At 5í 10," La Courís competition weight is 218 - 230 pounds.

His biggest win to date was undoubtedly the 1998 NPC (National Physique Committee)Team Universe where La Cour won the heavyweight and overall titles. Dropping 16 pounds from his physique that earned a disappointing fifth place finish in his class in 1997, La Cour came in unbelievably shredded condition and set a new standard of conditioning for drug-free heavyweights.

The 1998 NPC Team Universe victory earned him the position of captain of Team USA that was unfortunately unable to compete in the IFBB World Amateur Championships (formerly known as the Mr. Universe) in Izmir, Turkey.

As a member of the United States bodybuilding team, La Cour is currently preparing for the Pan American Games which will be held in Winnipeg, Canada July 17, 1998. Bodybuilding will be an official sport of the Games for the very first time.

He became one of the top amateur drug-free bodybuilders in the nation by becoming the 1995 NPC Team Universe Heavyweight National Champion and earning a spot on the five-man USA Bodybuilding Team competing in the Mr. Universe contest in Guam where he placed sixth.

Drug-free for life, La Cour first appeared on the national scene in 1994, when he won the Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding Championships that was aired on ESPN television.

In 1992, he became the first man in the history of the AAU to ever to win the Mr. California and Mr. Natural California in the same year.

He has accomplished much as a writer, publishing his book, Thinking Big, and by contributing to several regional, national, and international bodybuilding publications over the last few years.

His book, Thinking Big, is selling quickly to bodybuilders all over the world. In Thinking Big, La Cour shows you his most effective strategies and techniques to excel in your efforts to build a great physique without the use of anabolic steroids or other physique-enhancing drugs. His step-by-step approaches to teach you how to unlock the tremendous power of your mind and break through any self-imposed limitations which have been preventing you from realizing your full bodybuilding potential. His secondary outcome which is to teach you to apply the valuable lessons learned in the gym to make everyday life a more passionate, successful, and fulfilling experience.

In February Ď99, he will release his second book, Successful Strategies for Drug-Free Muscle Mass, which reveals the training, nutrition, supplementation, and organizing principles that have help La Cour succeed as a natural bodybuilder.

La Cour is currently a contributing writer for Ironman Magazine with his monthly column "Thinking Big" and several training features. For over two years, he wrote another monthly question and answer column called "Lean and Clean" for Ironman.

La Cour was also a featured writer for All Natural Muscular Development, with two monthly columns "Skip LaCourís Natural Bodybuilding Digest" and "Thinking Big" for two years.

He writes a syndicated column called "Empowering Natural Bodybuilding" for Great Lakes Fitness Guide, Steele Jungle, MuscleZine, and Natural Muscle Magazine.

He will be a major contributor to AST Sports Science's new magazine, High-Performance Muscle, which will premier within the next several months.

Skip has his own Internet web site ( where he proudly offers over 40 pages of free information on motivation, training, nutrition, supplementation, and more.

He is also a contributor to online bodybuilding magazines East Coast Muscle and Digital Physique.

He is currently under a multi-year endorsement contract with AST Sports Science Nutritional Supplements. His duties as a spokesperson includes guest appearances and seminars around the country.

He has been employed as a spokesperson for Met-Rx and TWINLAB nutritional supplements in the past.

La Cour has also starred in a couple of national television commercials and currently appears on Anthony Robbins' Personal Power II infomercial.

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