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Stan McQuay

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Stan McQuay Bodybuilder

skip la cour bodybuilder

What is your nationality?

I am Japanese and Irish, but most people seem to think that I look mostly Irish, J/K!

When is your birthday and where were you born?

My birthday is July 12th, which makes me a Cancer, and I was born in Yokosaka, Japan.

Where do you currently reside?

I live in sunny southern California. More specifically the area nicknamed ďThe ValleyĒ, short for San Fernando Valley.

How much does your bodyweight vary between contest and off-season?

I donít really have an off-season because im what they call a ďhard gainerĒ, meaning I have a real hard time putting on weight. I only have to lose about 10-15 pounds at the most before a contest. Even at my heaviest weight, I have a ďSix-PackĒ showing.  I rarely ever let my body fat get past 10%. I believe in looking good all year round because my body is my business.

What is your favorite body part to train?

All of them! I love to train period.

Do you have any exercises you like or dislike?

I love lifting weights and training but Iím really not a fan of doing cardio in the gym. Itís just to boring for me.

Since you donít like doing cardio, then what do you do to stay in such great shape?

Well when im getting ready for a contest I rely on my strict diet of high protein and low carbs. Im a firm believer that if you stick to a very strict diet and train hard with weights your body fat will drop just as effectively.  Unfortunately that plan doesnít work for everyone, Iím very fortunate to have a fast metabolism to help out.

What are your favorite foods when you are not preparing for a bodybuilding contest?

I love to eat sushi, especially ďsashimiĒ which is just the raw fish without the rice. Tuna, Yellowtail and Albacore are my favorite fish to eat. I even eat ďsashimiĒ when im getting ready for a contest. Itís a great source of fresh protein.

What foods do you eat when you are preparing for a bodybuilding contest?

As far as proteins go, I eat a lot of chicken breasts, egg whites, flank steaks and sashimi. My carbohydrates are very basic. I eat oatmeal in the morning, yams and brown rice with the rest of my meals. I never use any additives such as seasonings or sauces when cooking my meals. I stick to a very plain, basic, bland, boring diet.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I have always liked listening to hip-hop music ever since I was a little kid. Even today I still listen to it, but just not as much. Iím really into electronic music such as Trance and Progressive House. You will always find me listening to it in my car, my house and at the gym while im training. Nothing gets me pumped and more energized!

What are your hobbies and what do you do for fun?

I have been studying various forms of martial arts ever since I can remember. I am forever studying and learning new forms of self-defense. Currently I study the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  I am also a very good snowboarder. One of my goals in life is to board at every great ski resort in the world. As far as what I like to do for fun, on the weekends I like to hang out with my boys at hot Trance club in Hollywood called ďGIANTĒ.

What is your favorite movie?

I really donít have one particular favorite movie. All of the Bruce Lee movies to me are classics. Also Braveheart and Gladiator were awesome. Oh, and I canít forget The Shawshank Redemption.

Who is your favorite actor and or actress?

I donít really have any favorite actors but I do enjoy watching Alyssa Milano, the woman is fine!

Anyone special you look up to or admire?

As a kid I always idolized Bruce Lee. I would study martial arts and emulate being him in every way. Growing up and even to this day I look up to my uncle Tom, I mean literally look up to him because is like 6í4 and compared to me he is a giant. I always wanted to be tall! These days I have come to realize that the people I truly admire and consider my role models are my own parents. They are the ones who have taught me the rights and wrongs in life and to always keep my head up. They are the biggest inspirations in my life and the biggest supporters in what I do. I hope to be just like them.

Future plans?

Well I would like to get married eventually and have few kids but until then I plan on traveling around the world as much as I can. Weather itís for snowboarding or bodybuilding, I am trying to see as much of the world as possible and make as many new friends as possible.

What kind of people do you like to hang with?

People who have a great sense of humor tend to catch my eye. I like to joke around a lot and if you can dish it out as well as take it, thatís a plus. I canít stand people who are cocky and stuck up, but who does. I do however like people whom are confident in themselves. Thereís a difference between cockiness and being confident. I like to hang with people who can relate to me yet be their own person.

How about what turns you on and turns you off?

Iím a sucker for brunettes and beautiful skin and again they have to have a sense of humor. I like women who enjoy working out keeping their body in shape and living a healthy lifestyle. Iím not into women who smoke, what a major turn off. 

You have a lot of tattoos, what do they represent?

On my left shoulder I have my last name, in case I ever forget what it is.

On my right shoulder I have in Kanji, ďLive a long life of blood and gutsĒ. This is kind of like an old sort of motto I used to live by. Along my lower back I have some tribal vines I designed and between the vines is my name in Japanese, again in case I forget. On my back I also have an Asian dragon. I absolutely love Asian dragons. If I werenít modeling and bodybuilding I would have one huge one wrapping around my back.

Why the tattoos though if you bodybuild? Donít they distract?

For one, I never dreamed I would be bodybuilding and showing my body to the world. At the time I was young and less say, full of testosterone. Fortunately I have been pretty successful with them on. I just donít plan on putting any more on, well at least not any time soon. I think with todayís society, more and more people have them, including pro bodybuilders, so there is a little more acceptance in the bodybuilding shows. I mean what can we do, they are there so deal with them.  Just donít go and put something stupid on your body that you will regret the rest of your life like so many people do.

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