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The Use of Steroids

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Like it or not, the use of steroids in the health, fitness and sports arena is a very big thing.  Historically known for the advantages they offer in the bodybuilding and weightlifting world with huge strength, power and size gains.  Let’s take a closer look into the evolution into anabolic steroids and why they can be so appealing to the masses.


The strength of the human body and predominantly the male body is driven by the level of testosterone.  The more testosterone and generally the stronger you are.  Anabolic steroids are specific by-products of testosterone, some of which are designed to improve your strength.  The steroids anabolic or rather “muscle building” abilities help to retain protein, thus making the muscles more energised as they hold more power and performance.


If we go back to the original question of why steroids are often selected as the supplement of choice, it’s more often than not because the users are wanting to increase their size by looking and becoming fuller.  Steroids do this by putting your body into an anabolic state improving protein synthesis, which is the muscles ability to store more protein.  Thus looking and feeling fuller therefore improving size and mass.


What do we mean by “power” when we’ve already touched on steroids increasing strength?  What we mean is the explosive power within muscles.  Having more protein available and more oxygen in the muscles leads to a more explosive movement and ultimately more power.  Where does this help?  When lifting weights and exercising you tend to stop when you get to a point of failure, however with the increase in power you have enough energy to be able to perform one or two more reps, thus forcing the muscle to work harder and build.

Who Uses Steroids

Typically a steroid user is a younger male between the ages of 20 – 35, and most commonly an athlete, although steroids use is not limited to just bodybuilders or football players.  It is being seen more and more that steroids are used in long distance or endurance sports, like cycling, running and swimming as they offer fast recovery benefits and prolonged strength so an athlete can continue to perform and compete for longer periods of time.

With all of these benefits, it’s understandable to see why steroids can be so alluring to the many users around the world.  So what have we missed?  The answer, are the many unspoken negative side which can affect everyone who decides to use steroids.

A Legal and Safe Alternative

There are many supplement available in the bodybuilding market so why is the natural attraction to look towards anabolic steroids?  There are many legal and safe alternatives available that offer near the exact same impact without the negative side effects like acne, baldness, aggression and gynecomastia just to name a few.

Legal steroid alternatives such as those from Crazy Bulk offer all the positives advantages of anabolic steroids meaning you gain size and stay lean in a clean and much healthier manner.  What’s not to like?

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