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Should You Train to Failure

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Is Training to Failure Good or Bad?

In weight training results are based on effort, this is undeniable, but effort can be used and defined in many ways.

Many feel that you should do every set to failure, that you should always train "balls to the wall". This takes effort, yes it does. But is this the type of effort that brings about the best gains in strength and muscle mass? Or does it just lead to burnout, overtraining and stagnation?

The people who made popular the "High Intensity - Every Set to Failue" type of training were Arthur Jones and his pupil Mike Mentzer. And they have both said "While it may in fact take less then 100 percent intensity to stimulate growth, how can you measure anything less then 100 percent?"

My argument with this is firstly, you can't even measure 100 percent. Are you telling me that if someone had a gun to your head and yelled "two more reps!" you couldn't somehow get those reps even though you already reached what you thought was your 100 percent point?

Secondly, any level of intensity can be calculated and approximated if you really want to take the time to figure it out.

Ok, so training to failure on each and every set of every workout may not be totally necessary even according to its biggest proponents. And it defiantly works better for easy gainers that are on steroids than it does for a natural bodybuilder or hardgainer. As a matter of fact I see more hardgainers burn out by training to failure than even high set training done without maximum effort. But I do not recommend high volume training either.

So what is the best type of training for the genetically average drug free bodybuilder or hardgainer?

I feel it is the...

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