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Truly Huge Program Review

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Review of the Truly Huge Program

We were so impressed with the Truly Huge bodybuilding program that we just had to interview the author Paul Becker.

Paul Becker Bodybuilding Interview

ECM: Hey Paul, thanks for agreeing to help us out here. I know you've been in this game for a while so I'm sure you can give us some great tips. Now, for those who don't know anything about you, can you give us a quick background?

PB: I have been involved with bodybuilding and fitness for over 30 years now. I have studied and tested all areas, including physical training, mental training, nutrition, supplements and recovery. Theories are great, but what counts is real results in the gym and on your body, and that is why after testing practically everything out there, I kept only the ones that consistently produced positive gains, time and time again. I have trained hundreds of men and women and helped them to reach their individual fitness goals.

ECM: Can you tell us about the process you first went through when you decided to get into bodybuilding? I find this interesting. Some people flounder around for a while, while others find out what works right away. Which was it for you?

PB: I was 15 years old, shorter then average, got picked on because I was too timid to stand up for myself and was also shy around girls. Then a friend of mine who was into working out, inspired me to get into bodybuilding.

I bought a weight set and some muscle magazines and worked out at home for while then later joined a nearby gym.

I was hooked almost from the very start. People stopped picking on me and I found meeting girls to be fairly easy once I was in good shape.

I make ok gains in the beginning but is wasn't long before gains really slowed down and even stopped. I worked very hard but wasn't gaining, I knew something was wrong.

I spent years, reading, talking to people, trying new things, etc. I finally found some things that worked and then made more gains in 1 year then I had made is all the previous years of training.

I started training others using what I learned and they also got great results, and in 1996 I went online with my website Truly Huge Bodybuilding.

ECM: You're all about teaching people to reach their maximum potential naturally. But what role do genetics play in this? Is it possible for someone with poor genetics to really build a great body?

PB: Yes, genetics do play a big role. Sadly some people can do everything wrong and still look great.

But even if someone has poor genetics he or she can still get into the best shape they possibly can if they learn what works and what doesn't, and they work hard and are persistent!

ECM: What are the 3 most important things to focus on when you're trying to get truly huge?

PB: 1) Training, it has to be right for your goals, training for strength or endurance is not the same as training for muscle mass. 2) Nutrition, you will not get bigger if you don't give your body the building blocks in needs to make into new muscle, if you take in only enough to maintain what you have you will not gain. 3) Rest, you need to get enough sleep. Getting 6 hours a night is not enough, get at least 8 hours every night and you will see a big difference.

ECM: And what are the 3 biggest mistakes people make when trying to gain weight?

PB: 1) Not eating enough calories, 2) Too much activity such as cardio, sports, etc. 3) Overtraining by doing too many exercises, sets and reps.

ECM: Another interesting topic is rest time between sets. When trying to get huge, what sort of rest times do you think are the best?

PB: For building strength you should take longer breaks between sets but for muscle mass you should only take 30 to 60 seconds rest between sets.

ECM: How often should people be training? Is 3 workouts a week just right?

PB: 3 to 4 days a week is right from most people. Some will need less, and only a really advanced bodybuilder will need more.

ECM: Got any other tips you might want to share with us?

PB: Most people these days overtrain on volume and undertrain in frequency, instead of overworking each muscle once a week - try doing half as much but working each muscle group twice a week, you will see better mass gains right away if you try this.

You mind is your stongest muscle, it can either hold you back or rocket you forward. I have looked into every trype of motivational techniques, and found that most didn't really work.The only one that I endorce is Dianetics, it has stood the test of time, and it gets awesome results on a consistant basis. Read the book, you will be surprised at how much of a diffrence it will make in your training and in your life.

ECM: Ok, well thanks a lot Paul. Great stuff there. If someone wanted to get some more tips from you, how could they go about this?

PB: Check out my website Truly Huge Bodybuilding, there are great articles, forums, a live chat room, etc. And be sure to sign up from my free newsletter.

Also get your copy of the Truly Huge Program PDF Download.

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