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What is the Right Weight for My Height

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Q: Could you tell me what is the normal weight for a 5'10" male. I started eating low-fat no-fat food on December, 25 of 1998 and to this present I have lost 40 lbs. even I went from 200 lbs. to 160 lbs. even and I just wanted to know is that the right weight for my height or what? Thank you for your time.

A: There is no such thing as normal weight for anybody. There are certain ideals such as BMI(body mass index) Height to Weight charts and finally your % of Bodyfat. I would prefer if everybody who is in a similar position to yours and that is trying to become lean throw away their bathroom scales and focus instead on how they look in the mirror. In terms of your unique position Eric, I would suggest that you have your % of Bodyfat taken and if it is under 15% then you are fine, if you were 200lbs and your Bodyfat was under 15% this would be acceptable as well. The best explanation of weight and whether or not it is okay for you is the following: We have two adult men, both are 32 years of age, both are 6ft tall and both weigh 240lbs. Technically based on a weight to height and also BMI both are unhealthy and both are overweight. We delve a little further into the history of these two men: one is a lawyer and the other is a linebacker for the 49ers. We ask both to strip to their y-fronts and the lawyer is carrying a lot of fat due to his sedentary lifestyle and penchant for dining out, the linebacker is ripped he maintains 8% Bodyfat and is clearly in great shape. I hope this shows you that whether or not your weight is acceptable depends on whether it is fat or muscle and therefore every case is unique and must treated accordingly.

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