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Muscle articles, read these great muscle building and fitness articles.

1999 IFBB Night of Champions New York City Night of Champions contest results.

Aaron Maddron IFBB professional bodybuilder.

Bev Francis Gym Is the east coast Mecca of bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding contest preparation tips If you are preparing for an upcoming bodybuilding contest, there are a few steps you need to take before getting on the stage.

Bodybuilding Contest Schedules Want to find a bodybuilding contest?

Bodybuilding Posing The Symmetry Round At no time should you ever completely relax on stage.

Bodybuilding Questions and Answers We answer YOUR questions to our best knowledge.

Bodybuilding Supplement Contents What to look for in bodybuilding supplements.

Chest Shoulders Triceps Workout For bodybuilders looking to max out on size & strength.

Chris Cook "The Blond Bomber" IFBB professional bodybuilder.

Chris Stimson NPC national-qualified super-heavyweight competitive bodybuilder.

Creatine Effects on Muscle Building Here are some important facts about Creatine.

Easy and healthy muscle building recipes Here are a few quick, no cook recipes you can try at home.

Ed Van Amsterdam IFBB Pro bodybuilder from the Netherlands.

Fitness Dating Tips Even people who are into fitness sometimes need dating advice.

Frank Sepe Bodybuilder and fitness model.

Glutamine for Lean Muscle Glutamine is the key for maintaining muscle while dieting.

How to get bigger arms fast Tips for building bigger biceps and triceps.

Increase your bench press Try these great tips to increase your bench press.

Intense Leg Training Routine Bodybuilding leg workout, all the stimulation they need to grow.

Jason Heiges Bodybuilder Here is some information Jason provided, and photos of Jason.

Jeramy Freeman IFBB professional bodybuilder, certified personal trainer, and professional model.

John Cowgill NPC national-level heavyweight bodybuilder.

Joint Health For Bodybuilders Three direct routes to joint health.

King Kamali Workout A combination of Powerlifting and Bodybuilding.

Markus Reinhardt Diet Nutrition advice from bodybuilder and high intensity trainer.

Markus Reinhardt Workout Based on the principles of High Intensity Training.

Matt Lowden Stands 5'10" tall and competes as a heavyweight around 220lbs.

Mike D'Angelo National level natural bodybuilder and cover model.

Milos Sarcev Bodybuilder with a classic physique.

Mind Muscle Connection How to effectively gain a mind to muscle connection.

Pre Contest Dieting for Bodybuilding Dieting advice specifically tailored for the competitive bodybuilder in the pre-contest stage.

Protein drink recipes for weight gain Whether you want to make a certain weight class in a sport or you need to bulk up, there are great weight gain protein oriented drinks that you can make at home within minutes.

Pyramid Training For Safely Building Muscle And Strength With each successive set, the amount of weight increases and the number of reps decreases.

Romance cover model diet and workout plan How to eat and exercise like a romance cover model.

Shaving for Bikini Competition There are many different options available to you for removing body-hair.

Should you train to failure Is training to failure good or bad?

Skip La Cour A pioneer in drug-free bodybuilding.

Stan McQuay Interview with IFBB professional bodybuilder.

Sugar and Muscle Building How much is too much for muscle gain?

The best abdominal exercises What are the best exercises for getting 6 pack abs.

The use of steroids Like it or not, in the health, fitness and sports arena is a very big thing.

What REALLY Builds Muscle A well-structured workout plan, a proper diet, rest, and above all, hard work.

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